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Hotel deals

Prices shown are special rates or lowest price guaranteed for attendees of Something Wonderful April 22 - 24 2017

How do I view my booking?

You can view your itinerary by clicking on the Sign-in button located in the top right of any festival portal page. Upon confirmation of your identity (name used for booking, and credit card used), you will be able to view your reservation details and make any changes you would like.

Do all hotels include free cancellation?

Unfortunately no. Only certain rooms allow for free cancellation - and they are the discretion of the hotel in question.

Free cancellation rooms contain the tag "FREE CANCELLATION" on the hotel thumbnail, as well as in the room description when booking. Furthermore, the cancellation policy for the room you have selected can be found on the bottom of the confirmation email received following checkout.

Please make sure that the correct room is selected when checking out, as Findor cannot guarantee a full refund if a different room than the one wanted is chosen.

Can I change my booking dates?

Due to our low rates, sometimes changing your booking dates cannot be accomplished by the client directly. However, our support team is more than happy to try and help out.

If you would like to change your dates, please contact the hotel directly or our support team at .